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My Styling ServiceMy Styling Service

In the fast world of fashion it's easy to get confused with the endless choice available. Our busy lifestyles can mean we don't have time to plan our wardrobes. Why would you want to get dressed in the morning and think, "Oh, that will do", when you can just as easily wear something you love, that makes you feel confident, strong and beautiful.

The formula to do this is simple, time-saving and inexpensive. We start by getting a visual understanding of you, your colourings and your figure. Then we work out how you would like to look and feel, what you'd like to wear in all the different aspects of your life, and the time and budget you have to put towards this.

Have you got a jam-packed wardrobe and no outfits to wear? Do you have a packed schedule of events and no space in your life to outfit plan? Have you misplaced your style - or just forgotten how great it is to feel sexy, strong and beautiful? Call me and I will customise a service to suit you (and I promise I'll never be pushy or overwhelm you with styles you don't like.)

"Vain trifles as they seem, clothes... change our view of the world and the world's view of us." - Virginia Woolf