What shall I wear?


Ask this question at night, in the morning, a few days before or never at all. This question can cause excitement, enjoyment, dread and confusion. And how could it be when most of us have more than we need in our wardrobes you don’t have anything you want to wear?

Your wardrobe might not be inspiring you as much as it could because it contains clothes that do not speak “you” - the very best current version of yourself. Could any of these be in your wardrobe?

  • You liked the idea of it, but the reality...
  • It’s nice, but doesn’t go with anything
  • Was a bargain
  • In a rush, it will do
  • Loved it, bought all the colours
  • Looked good on a friend, celebrity, model, magazine.

To have a wardrobe full of clothes you enjoy wearing, clothes that make you feel like the very best version of yourself and lift your confidence. You will need to analyse and plan then sort and organise. I think it is impossible to pull out an outfit you are going to enjoy wearing from a wardrobe that doesn’t inspire you. The process to have a wardrobe full of outfits you want to wear is:


  • How do you want to look - what’s your style?
  • What outfits do you need to cover the different aspects of your life?
  • Choose a colour palette - ideally suiting you, works for your style and you enjoy wearing.  
  • What shapes and cuts make you feel good - make you feel confident and happy?


Pile all your clothes, accessories, coats, hats and shoes - the whole lot into one area. Sort them by category; tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses. This can be hard because clothes can hold so many emotions, so keep asking yourself ‘Will I enjoy wearing this?’. No problem either way - this question will help clarify what you do enjoy wearing. Sort your clothes into ‘keeps’, ‘maybes’ and ‘pass ons’. You can archive a few things that hold a high level of sentimentality, but these don’t need to live in your wardrobe.


Hang and fold all the clothes you want to keep beautifully - leave them as you would love to find them. Keep the ‘maybes’ separate - you can revisit them later, once you are in the swing of things. Organise your clothes into categories, it’s the most efficient way to navigate your wardrobe. Finally make a list of any gaps, clothes that need replacing and clothes that you would enjoy to wear and go with your other clothes.

Beware of Christmas sales distracting your focus and creating more confusion in your wardrobe. On that note what would the contents of your ideal wardrobe look like to you?

Choosing colours that suit you.

We’re all individuals? We have our own combination of eye, hair and skin colour, our own sense of who we are and how we like to look. But have you ever struggled with what suits your individualism? And how do you know when a colour suits you?

Of course, the colours we choose to wear go beyond just what suits our own individual colourings. Colours also convey style, create illusions of slimness or curves and most of all create a feeling (or mood).

You know if a colour suits you when it harmonises with your natural colourings, which are your skin, hair and eyes and the feeling and style you are conveying. If you think about colours in any situation, we read them as beautiful when they harmonise. The trick is understanding what creates harmony. Ok, let me start to clarify more...

In consultations I guide clients through the colour scarves so that they know what suits them and what they like to wear. I have never found one fail safe theory that works for everyone. Apart from when a client starts to learn themselves how to see how colours appear on them, this happens in every consultation and the reason for this is, I think, because we purely look at colours (the colour scarves are identical rectangles of cotton poplin) so we cannot be distracted by the fabric or cuts of the clothes. Also we try between 50-100 colours so this repeat process of choosing and discarding colours increases confidence in ability to know what suits you. We may try a red that we quite like, but then  compare several different other reds, some brighter, more muted, warmer or cooler, darker or lighter to see which one works best. It's rare when choosing clothes we are so analytical about colour alone. Every client I have worked with has always developed a strong sense of colour for themselves during this process. 

So, to choose a colour that works for you. Drape the item (the colour) around your neck, next to your face and observe. Trust your instincts - does it make you feel good, will you enjoy wearing it? If it does it's likely to suit you. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours whilst you are learning how to choose your colour palette. All the while checking, does it make me feel good? Will I enjoy wearing it? And compare colours against each other, so you have comparisons.  If you feel yourself starting to justify why you like it, then it's likely to not be right. 

Here is a link to a website: http://www.styleandimage.co.uk/find_my_colours I like which lets you upload a photo and choose different colour palettes so you can see which you think might suit you best. Let me know what you think, please email me with your thoughts I would like to know how it went?

What does colour mean to you?

What can the colours we wear do for us? Colour can flatter us and make us look and feel our best (like being with a really great friend or partner), colour can drain us and make us feel bad (like being with a bad friend or partner). Colour can help us convey a mood and help us express a style, like the feeling of clean freshness a white shirt creates or the rock chick edge a black tasseled jacket makes. Colour can help create illusions too, it can make you look taller, shorter, thinner, wider... 

Are there colours you've been told to wear or not to wear? For example, been told you are a spring but you prefer to wear dark clothes in avant garde cuts with a flash of gold to accessorise. If something is meant to suit you but you don't like it, then it's not going to work - creating your personal style goes beyond just what suits you. However, if you know what clothes suit you, like them and they work for the life you live, those are the clothes you need in your life.

We are all individuals, right? And it’s also human nature to want to belong and want to fit in. So it makes sense to me that we want to find our identity and express it through what we do, how we conduct ourselves (and most importantly, for a post written by a stylist) WHAT WE WEAR. We can choose to wear colours that flatter us and colours that drain us. 

Do you know what those colours are for yourself? I admit it, I wasn’t so clear on the benefits of knowing this until I started working with the colour scarves. I once wore an apricot 1920’s dress to a party - knowing clothes from this era are ones I enjoy wearing I wasn’t clear why I wasn’t loving it. It’s because apricot (a warm, light and muted colour) ages me about 5 years - arggggh, who wants that from a dress, even if the fit is good?

You get the picture, but the question is, do you know how to pick colours that work for you?

I will be putting up a post that will help to guide you in choosing colour so that it works for you. Please email me if you have any specifics you would like to see in this post. 

Get To Know Your Style

When you know what your style is and the clothes you need to create your
capsule wardrobe of excellence, getting dressed will be a pleasure. You'll
hardly want to shop as what you already have is so fantastic. When I shop
with a client I'll have their framework in mind (their style mix, colours,
body shape and their shopping list). This enables me to scan the shops
quickly and pick out a pile of potential suitables for them to try on.

I get moments of complete excitement seeing a client's capsule wardrobe
come together. There's huge enjoyment seeing a client sparkle and shine -
feeling great in themselves. Clothes can provide an amazing feel -good
factor when you choose them well. You can also style out flaws, late
nights and tiredness from a busy life.

Everyone knows how to dress themselves, but some people want to go to the
next level. A level of excellence in appearance. This is far from vanity.
The values are of making the most of what you have, choosing what you need
(in all areas of your life and person) and looking after what you have.
What a lovely way of being? Right?

The Brilliance Of A capsule wardrobe

We moved two weeks ago. Love our new flat, it feels very much feeling like living in London by the sea. At the moment it's got egg yolk yellow walls and false ceilings, so we can’t wait to get the white paint out and our hard hats on. I like a bit of DIY, but not too much.

So with the upheaval of moving, packing and unpacking I’m always been able to find what I want to wear. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you, my wardrobe is well edited. In it are only things I want to wear, things that fit me, things that flatter me (I wear them happily instead of saying this will do, I never say this will do) and everything is tailored and mended. My wardrobe foundations are strong so I can build any outfit I want within them quickly, efficiently and feel great.

I sometimes think the clothes in your wardrobe are like the food you use in cooking, if you have the right ingredients you can make amazing things. And when you know the basic principles, you’ll know why some things work and why others don’t and what to add (your special ingredient) to make your cooking or your outfit AMAZING.