Get To Know Your Style

When you know what your style is and the clothes you need to create your
capsule wardrobe of excellence, getting dressed will be a pleasure. You'll
hardly want to shop as what you already have is so fantastic. When I shop
with a client I'll have their framework in mind (their style mix, colours,
body shape and their shopping list). This enables me to scan the shops
quickly and pick out a pile of potential suitables for them to try on.

I get moments of complete excitement seeing a client's capsule wardrobe
come together. There's huge enjoyment seeing a client sparkle and shine -
feeling great in themselves. Clothes can provide an amazing feel -good
factor when you choose them well. You can also style out flaws, late
nights and tiredness from a busy life.

Everyone knows how to dress themselves, but some people want to go to the
next level. A level of excellence in appearance. This is far from vanity.
The values are of making the most of what you have, choosing what you need
(in all areas of your life and person) and looking after what you have.
What a lovely way of being? Right?