The Brilliance Of A capsule wardrobe

We moved two weeks ago. Love our new flat, it feels very much feeling like living in London by the sea. At the moment it's got egg yolk yellow walls and false ceilings, so we can’t wait to get the white paint out and our hard hats on. I like a bit of DIY, but not too much.

So with the upheaval of moving, packing and unpacking I’m always been able to find what I want to wear. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you, my wardrobe is well edited. In it are only things I want to wear, things that fit me, things that flatter me (I wear them happily instead of saying this will do, I never say this will do) and everything is tailored and mended. My wardrobe foundations are strong so I can build any outfit I want within them quickly, efficiently and feel great.

I sometimes think the clothes in your wardrobe are like the food you use in cooking, if you have the right ingredients you can make amazing things. And when you know the basic principles, you’ll know why some things work and why others don’t and what to add (your special ingredient) to make your cooking or your outfit AMAZING.