What shall I wear?


Ask this question at night, in the morning, a few days before or never at all. This question can cause excitement, enjoyment, dread and confusion. And how could it be when most of us have more than we need in our wardrobes you don’t have anything you want to wear?

Your wardrobe might not be inspiring you as much as it could because it contains clothes that do not speak “you” - the very best current version of yourself. Could any of these be in your wardrobe?

  • You liked the idea of it, but the reality...
  • It’s nice, but doesn’t go with anything
  • Was a bargain
  • In a rush, it will do
  • Loved it, bought all the colours
  • Looked good on a friend, celebrity, model, magazine.

To have a wardrobe full of clothes you enjoy wearing, clothes that make you feel like the very best version of yourself and lift your confidence. You will need to analyse and plan then sort and organise. I think it is impossible to pull out an outfit you are going to enjoy wearing from a wardrobe that doesn’t inspire you. The process to have a wardrobe full of outfits you want to wear is:


  • How do you want to look - what’s your style?
  • What outfits do you need to cover the different aspects of your life?
  • Choose a colour palette - ideally suiting you, works for your style and you enjoy wearing.  
  • What shapes and cuts make you feel good - make you feel confident and happy?


Pile all your clothes, accessories, coats, hats and shoes - the whole lot into one area. Sort them by category; tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses. This can be hard because clothes can hold so many emotions, so keep asking yourself ‘Will I enjoy wearing this?’. No problem either way - this question will help clarify what you do enjoy wearing. Sort your clothes into ‘keeps’, ‘maybes’ and ‘pass ons’. You can archive a few things that hold a high level of sentimentality, but these don’t need to live in your wardrobe.


Hang and fold all the clothes you want to keep beautifully - leave them as you would love to find them. Keep the ‘maybes’ separate - you can revisit them later, once you are in the swing of things. Organise your clothes into categories, it’s the most efficient way to navigate your wardrobe. Finally make a list of any gaps, clothes that need replacing and clothes that you would enjoy to wear and go with your other clothes.

Beware of Christmas sales distracting your focus and creating more confusion in your wardrobe. On that note what would the contents of your ideal wardrobe look like to you?