What does colour mean to you?

What can the colours we wear do for us? Colour can flatter us and make us look and feel our best (like being with a really great friend or partner), colour can drain us and make us feel bad (like being with a bad friend or partner). Colour can help us convey a mood and help us express a style, like the feeling of clean freshness a white shirt creates or the rock chick edge a black tasseled jacket makes. Colour can help create illusions too, it can make you look taller, shorter, thinner, wider... 

Are there colours you've been told to wear or not to wear? For example, been told you are a spring but you prefer to wear dark clothes in avant garde cuts with a flash of gold to accessorise. If something is meant to suit you but you don't like it, then it's not going to work - creating your personal style goes beyond just what suits you. However, if you know what clothes suit you, like them and they work for the life you live, those are the clothes you need in your life.

We are all individuals, right? And it’s also human nature to want to belong and want to fit in. So it makes sense to me that we want to find our identity and express it through what we do, how we conduct ourselves (and most importantly, for a post written by a stylist) WHAT WE WEAR. We can choose to wear colours that flatter us and colours that drain us. 

Do you know what those colours are for yourself? I admit it, I wasn’t so clear on the benefits of knowing this until I started working with the colour scarves. I once wore an apricot 1920’s dress to a party - knowing clothes from this era are ones I enjoy wearing I wasn’t clear why I wasn’t loving it. It’s because apricot (a warm, light and muted colour) ages me about 5 years - arggggh, who wants that from a dress, even if the fit is good?

You get the picture, but the question is, do you know how to pick colours that work for you?

I will be putting up a post that will help to guide you in choosing colour so that it works for you. Please email me if you have any specifics you would like to see in this post.