Choosing colours that suit you.

We’re all individuals? We have our own combination of eye, hair and skin colour, our own sense of who we are and how we like to look. But have you ever struggled with what suits your individualism? And how do you know when a colour suits you?

Of course, the colours we choose to wear go beyond just what suits our own individual colourings. Colours also convey style, create illusions of slimness or curves and most of all create a feeling (or mood).

You know if a colour suits you when it harmonises with your natural colourings, which are your skin, hair and eyes and the feeling and style you are conveying. If you think about colours in any situation, we read them as beautiful when they harmonise. The trick is understanding what creates harmony. Ok, let me start to clarify more...

In consultations I guide clients through the colour scarves so that they know what suits them and what they like to wear. I have never found one fail safe theory that works for everyone. Apart from when a client starts to learn themselves how to see how colours appear on them, this happens in every consultation and the reason for this is, I think, because we purely look at colours (the colour scarves are identical rectangles of cotton poplin) so we cannot be distracted by the fabric or cuts of the clothes. Also we try between 50-100 colours so this repeat process of choosing and discarding colours increases confidence in ability to know what suits you. We may try a red that we quite like, but then  compare several different other reds, some brighter, more muted, warmer or cooler, darker or lighter to see which one works best. It's rare when choosing clothes we are so analytical about colour alone. Every client I have worked with has always developed a strong sense of colour for themselves during this process. 

So, to choose a colour that works for you. Drape the item (the colour) around your neck, next to your face and observe. Trust your instincts - does it make you feel good, will you enjoy wearing it? If it does it's likely to suit you. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours whilst you are learning how to choose your colour palette. All the while checking, does it make me feel good? Will I enjoy wearing it? And compare colours against each other, so you have comparisons.  If you feel yourself starting to justify why you like it, then it's likely to not be right. 

Here is a link to a website: I like which lets you upload a photo and choose different colour palettes so you can see which you think might suit you best. Let me know what you think, please email me with your thoughts I would like to know how it went?