I was given two half days with Clary as a present after having 2 kids and therefore a wardrobe full of badly fitting clothes – the best gift! The wardrobe consultation was brilliant, so therapeutic and it was like I was given permission to throw out all my old clothes! We discussed body shape, style and colours and put together a shopping list. Clary made me feel so positive and confident about how I look and how to make the best of myself. The shopping trip was a month later. Clary had researched thoroughly based on the shopping list, my budget and lifestyle. She was honest (in a nice way) and I ended up with a lovely new wardrobe and a couple of items that I wouldn’t have chosen but absolutely love. It was really relaxed and great fun too! We came in well under budget too, leaving me extra to go out again and treat myself again.I now love choosing what I’m going to wear each day, I feel great and full of confidence. Thank you so much Clary x - Krista                                                                                                   

I was given a day with Clary as a birthday present by a dear friend and had just the most fun - I would highly recommend her.  We started by working out my style preferences, my body shape and complementary colours, and from then on it was easy to audit my wardrobe. Clary has a very gentle and perceptive approach, I never felt under pressure or railroaded, and she has a brilliant eye for what works. I didn't feel any wrench getting rid of clothes that either didn't flatter me or were too much of a compromise. More importantly, I have - probably for the first time ever - a  proper capsule wardrobe, with a range of outfits that work for different kinds of client - and all of which I feel good in. Having just passed a big birthday milestone, this feels just the refresh and revamp I needed. Thank you, Clary!  - Katrina

"I had a style coaching session with Clary in early January of this year. Now, I'm a person who really dislikes shopping as it brings up a lot of insecurities about my ability to pick out the right clothes. Then there are the usual insecurities about my body not being the perfect shape for clothes and so I have, particularly in the last year will worn old clothes from friends and my boyfriend rather than go looking in shops. The result is more often than not a half-baked look that doesn't reflect how confident I am on the inside. So you can understand I was nervous about the idea of a day of shopping and dissecting my style! 
Apparently, I neededn't have worried in the slightest. Clary's approach was light and fresh and instead of just going shopping straight away we talked about how I would describe my style and was I would want it to look like. My nerves quickly dissipated. She was clearly doing some deep research as I explored my feelings on the topic in a way I hadn't done before, trying to understand the behaviours and my goals. She allowed me to be very honest with myself. She asked me what I would like to look like and the words "fully formed human" came out and made us both laugh. She listened and repeatedly used my words "fully formed" back to me to check in later in the day if I were wearing something new and looking in the mirror, even using the shorthand "Is this FF?". It made the goal specifically on my terms and no-one else's standards. She was interested and reassuring and her response helped me feel that the task at hand was totally easy. 
The experience was nothing short of delightful. Firstly, Clary is gorgeous, immaculately styled and great company and when you walk into shops with her, you feel like you belong. You feel utterly supported by someone who clearly knows what she's doing; a real pro. She is efficient and kind in her approach that took away all of the usual stress I feel in picking out clothes and I just began to have a lot of fun in the process. She was also sensitive to my mood: when we tried on five consecutive pairs of jeans that wouldn't fit my small waist but biggish man bum (and I was in danger of slumping) she whisked me off to something else and helped keep the demons away! We made some great discoveries together, finging my core, and identifying colours that I never before realised highlighted my features and helping me understand what colours might not work so well. She was receptive to my ideas and totally respectful and would simply present evidence if she could see me slipping into old habits. She was bright, engaging and infused a sense of joy into every part of the day, and I came away with some great pieces that have helped enormously shape my attitude to clothes and now I venture into shops, fully aware of possibility that I just couldn't see before.
I think that was the most crucial part of the day - that we didn't just buy clothes, but that Clary has helped shift my attitude towards clothing in a way I wasn't prepared for. That's a long-lasting effect as it means I feel capable of entering the style world on my own and can continue to grow. I whole-heartedly recommend Clary: there's something in her manner that is a bit magic. The whole process not only made shopping and styling incredibly fun, but was also entirely transformative." - Callum Melville                                                                                                                                                      

"Over the past two years, we have worked with the amazing Clary on five photo shoots and one film production for our brand of baby wearing products. Without her incredible talent, unerring commitment to the projects and extraordinary work ethic, we could not have achieved the looks we envisioned. She has become such an integral part of the creative team on our shoots. 'Never work with children or animals', so the old showbiz adage goes. Well, if Clary Fisher is on board, you know you’re in good hands. We love Clary. But then I think you can guess that." - Daniel Lucas (Founder/CEO) and the team at We Made Me™

"I enjoyed today's session immensely — and feel more empowered and uplifted as a result. Thank you. It's so exciting that as we're friends you'll see my new pieces and style evolve. You're brilliant at what you do … just fantastic. I feel very grateful for the session and all it/you did for me." - Lucy Howlett - Lift personal training

"I have to say thank you again, I'm so much smarter with my choices now and I'm so much more tidy with my clothes too!" - Roberta                                                                                                                                                                      

"A delightful and fascinating three hours spent with Clary discovering what colours suit me best, and how to have the courage to dispose of clothes no longer worn or required. The resulting swatch of colours, to carry at all times when shopping might be an option, has proved to be really useful and prompted a number of successful purchases. Removing what she describes as “wardrobe irritants” has cleared the decks and made way for a new fresher look. Clary is a real expert at this and her visit was a great experience, worth every penny of her very moderate fee at any age.” - Richard, Architect

"Clary, I loved our shopping session together, it was great having someone to keep the momentum going towards on our goals, when otherwise I would have got overwhelmed with choice and indecision, and ground to a halt! You helped me buy clothes that looked nicely professional, whilst allowing me to express my personality, which I had struggled with beforehand. I had found work clothes limiting, and now I feel relaxed in my outfits. You were positive about the way clothes looked on me, and as a consequence I tried new styles and colours, you helped me to think outside the box, fashion-wise! You were full of enthusiasm, and very sweetly: you hung all the clothes back on the hangers for me! Also - you were fun, and an interesting person to spend time with!" - Jenny, Doctor                       

"Thank you so much for last weekend. It was so lovely to meet you and work with you. You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Since Sunday morning I have felt great about what I am wearing and know exactly what I am going to wear each morning. Love my wardrobe and the fact that it is capsulated."  - Michelle                                                                                                                                         

'I have always had a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe, I loved buying clothes, but the sheer amount of items on the hangers was overwhelming and my style was all over the place. Then Clary entered my life... As soon as she breezed effortlessly stylish into the houseI felt instantly confident that this lady was going to sort out my style, and she did all that and more. We started with my colours so I knew what suited me at a glance and then we went through my whole wardrobe piece by piece. I was prepared to be brutal (Clary is always led by the client and is never pushy). But I can say that those pieces I put to one side that I wasn't ready to give up yet made their way to the charity shop within a few weeks as they just didn't fit with my style anymore. I haven't spent a fortune on a new wardrobe, we picked out the items that were of excellence from my wardrobe and added a few key pieces over the following weeks. I now spend less on clothes than I did before, I stick to my style and remember the tricks she taught me to make the most of my shape and as a result can make 100 outfits and more from a wardrobe that is a tenth of it's former size.The pre styling photos Clary took as we went along were a godsend. When I put a great combination together now I photograph it and put it on my pin-board for a go to out fit when I'm short  of time.                                                                                         Picking an outfit now is a pleasure and I have had so many fabulous comments over the last few months on my style, just small tweaks make a real difference and I haven't tried to reinvent myself. Personal stylists are not reserved for celebrities - whatever your lifestyle Clary makes shopping and dressing agin a pleasure.'  - Evie                                                                                                                                                                        

"I approached Clary for help on putting together a capsule wardrobe, as I live abroad and my time in the UK was limited and we had a remote consultation by FaceTime.  We reviewed my current wardrobe, identified suitable colours and discussed styling, Clarys's warm and friendly approach meant we clicked straight away.  We had a lovely day shopping in London together, we achieved so much in a short time.  I'm pleased with all the things we bought and was very impressed that we managed to get everything we set out to on budget.  Working with Clary was such fun and has helped me better understand my style and what works for me."  - Natasha, Engineer

"I had wanted to change my wardrobe for a long time. It seemed all I was capable of wearing were blue jeans and the same type of shirts and t-shirts. Now, I do really dislike shopping and I think there are certain places that mother nature didn’t design for men, like changing rooms ! Still, my desire to look better was stronger than my apathy to remain the same, so fortunately I got in touch with Clary. We had a first brief meeting where I showed her some pictures I took of the clothes I used to wear and we talked about what I want to achieve, styles of clothes I liked etc..
From there, Clary built a deck of images which reflected the styles I liked. I gave her my feedback and we agreed on a shopping trip to London. I loved the experience and in retrospect I probably did because for the first time ever  I went shopping knowing what it was that I had to try on and the style I was after. It was a long day but made very enjoyable by Clary, who I found to be very personable, funny but also very honest about what worked or didn’t work for me."     - Jose, Business Owner

"I met Clary by chance on a video shoot I was doing the make up for, I liked her straight away, she was so friendly, positive, vibrant and so decisive something I'm definitely not- I remember showing her a picture of a dress I had recently bought to get her opinion- "do you still have the receipt?" she asked. I left the shoot thinking wow, I need this lady in my life to help me.
Recently single after 13 years and a mum of two, at 35 I felt I needed to rejuvenate myself, I love shopping and my wardrobe was full but I never really seemed to have anything to wear, I was confused with what my style was and got overwhelmed by the amount of choice when I went into shops. I would buy things and ask all my friends what they though before keeping it or returning it.  I love to look nice it makes me feel good and being single again Ididn't want to be a fuddy duddy  (couldn't think of a better word )mum.
Clary to the rescue! Our first appointment was to do my colours and define my style, within quite a short space of time Clary had determined what colours brightened my face and worked for me, she gave me swatches of each colour on a key ring which I can just pop in my bag when I going shopping, I can go straight to 'my colours' in the shop and zone out everything else.  We moved on to looked at my size and shape and I was given another helpful tool, a handy diagram listing all the do's and don'ts for my particular shape, both this and my colour swatches meant I was going to be saving time and money in the shops- I loved it!
Next was the big one; the wardrobe edit, this was a major task. I had so many clothes in my wardrobe, some that were over 13 years old!  I had to try everything on but it helped Clary see what I had, what suited me and what didn't and what fitted with my new style, the pieces that did Clary started to put together to create pre styled outfits for me- fantastic. 
Over 90% of my clothes were cast aside- it felt great to finally have a clearer wardrobe, but also I felt quite scared it didn't feel like I had much left, but what I did have I know knew suited me and it was ready to be worn, My capsule wardrobe was starting to take shape!
Throughout the whole process Clary was amazing, she picked out all the different bits of my personality as well as my size and shape to help define my style, which was what I needed, She gave me back my confidence in shopping and made me look at my clothes in a different light, I don't have to save that special dress just for a  wedding I can slip on a pair of boots and a jacket and wear it for the school run. My time with Clary was a great investment,  I've learnt not to waste money on clothes, it used to be 'it will look nice with a sun tan', or' if I loose half a stone'- if its right for me it will look good no matter what. Now I won't buy anything unless I totally love it and can't live without it, and I spend a lot less time in the shops! 
Clary is a fantastic stylist, the whole process was so enjoyable, I was sad when it came to an end, She is an inspiring lady whose advice goes much further than any traditional stylist." -- Marie, Makeup Artist

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for your time on Friday, I really enjoyed a good girlie afternoon. I learnt so much about which colours work best for me and how to dress for my shape, so that now when I open my wardrobe I am confident to pull out something which I know is going to look good.
You would not believe how many compliments I have had over the past few days, I had one person ask if I had had a boob job and another stopped mid conversation just to say that my boobs were amazing, thanks for the advice on the right bra! 
At the moment I haven't had a chance to go shopping, I am wearing my existing clothes, just put together in a different way, but it has made such a huge difference to the way I look and feel in them."  - Jenna, Head of HR

"I was wondering what on earth I could give my friend for her "BIG" birthday, when I remembered that another friend had raved about her styling session with Clary Fisher. This was the best idea ever ! I contacted Clary and between us sorted out exactly the right consultation for my friend. I found Clary extremely flexible and helpful.
The present was a huge success...of which I witnessed ! So I immediatley arranged for Clary to visit me in the Midlands and to give me a colour session and to sort out the bulging wardrobe !
It was a long way for Clary to travel but she arrived completey ready and we had a very productive day.
My wardrobe (you know the one....full and bulging....BUT nothing to wear !!...) was soon sorted out and big piles of clothes were ready to leave my house and start a new life for themselves elsewhere.
My friend and I have shopped with Clary and that too was very beneficial, making sure the colour palet worked, remembering styles and only buying when the garment was perfect...no more "making do!"
I now love my wardrobe, it is a joy to shop and my colour palet has turned me completely around, it travels in my bag at all times, just in case I see the perfect garment ! You know we do not need millions of clothes, just the right ones ! I have received many compliments, especially as I now wear colours which I would never have thought suitable before.
A big thank you to Clary Fisher, her professionalism, tact, sence of humour and ability to always find a way around what potentially could be difficult and embarrasing situations with regard to our personal approach to fashion and clothes.
Highly recommend !"
- Liz Sumption